Midnight Pleasure Pack - Mint



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The Midnight Pleasure Pack - Strawberry contains:

  • 1 Prudence Mint Gel
  • 12 Prudence Classic condoms

Prudence Gel

When you need intimacy and comfort, Prudence has the perfect solution for your intimate lubricants. Prudence Gel is a natural, water-based, non-greasy, transparent and colorless that provides intense lubrication for a sexier night. With pleasant feelings harmonize your intimate moments, the warm feeling that will take your excitement to newer levels. Prudence Gel is ideal as a vaginal lubricant and for use with Prudence condoms because it reduces the possibility of breakage.

Prudence Classic Condoms

Tradition, safety and enjoyment are the most vital factors in your relationship. Prudence Classic condom is gently lubricated to provide pleasure for you and your partner. Smooth and with a large differential condom; it has rubber odor and is slightly thinner than other condoms. This ensures excitement up the wall as you lose yourself in your partner without the risks. Enjoy the safe and smooth experience of Prudence Classic with your partner.

  • Pack of 12 units
  • Plain condoms with reservoir end
  • Natural Latex condoms
  • Jasmine Masking (1.00%)
  • Lubricated
  • Color: Transparent
  • Type: 53mm regular
  • Length: 180 mm (minimum)
  • Use condom only once
  • 100% electronically tested


  • Protect from heat, direct sun rays, and mechanical damage.
  • Store in cool and dry place

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