Erotic Silicone Ring - Pack of 3's


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Erotic Silicone Rings are cock rings which are worn on the penis. They result in a harder, stronger erection and help you last longer during sex.

These silicone cock rings come in packs of 3's. Each ring is of a different size and helps to maximize your pleasure during sex.

What is a cock ring?

A cock ring is a ring that can be placed around a penis, usually at the base, primarily to slow the flow of blood from the erect penile tissue, thus maintaining harder and longer erection.


  • Take off the ring in case of excessive swelling or aching of the penis
  • Do not go to sleep wearing the ring
  • Best to use the ring after applying a lube/personal lubricant on your penis
Cock rings can be worn on top of a condom.

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